Boys Lists
Candy Apple Pee/Hide Go Seek/That's Why God Made The Radio
That's Not Me/'Til I Die/In The Back Of My Mind/That Same Song
The Ones You Can't Have/Endless Harmony/Concert Tonight
Guess I'm Dumb/I Know There's An Answer/Shortnin' Bread
Chasin' The Sky/Pet Sounds/Had To Phone Ya/Movies Is Magic
Yeah, that's right; this old site is coming back VERY soon, new and improved after being down, what, nine years now? Only thing is, I don't have many relevant pictures of my own to use for this site. Sure, I could grab images from the web, but I don't want to have to answer BRI requests to remove them. I AM accepting donations! If you have relevant pictures 300dpi or higher you can send me, please inform me by sending an e-mail. The address begins "siteguy@" and then add "banana," then the hypen, then "and," then another hyphen, then the key two to the right from "M" on a QWERTY keyboard, then "org." The sooner I acquire some usable pictures, the sooner this paragraph with that hackneyed Comic Sans font can go away.